New Shonen Jump Series Kagurabachi Begins Its Run

The next new Shonen Jump manga series is Kagurabachi, and it just made its debut. People can now read it on both MangaPlus and Viz Media. It is written by Takeru Hokazono, who won a Tezuka Manga Award for the one-shot manga Enten. This is the mangaka’s first series.

Chihiro is the son of Kunishige Rokuhira, a swordsmith renowned for the kinds of katana he forges. So much so that some consider him part of the reason the Seitei War ended, as his swords were so strong they helped bring peace to the land again. Kunishige is a lighthearted person when he’s not working, while Chihiro is always quite serious. From there, it flashes forward to the present. Chihiro is older, wielding the last katana his father made, and is looking for revenge while traveling alongside his father’s friend Shiba.

There’s one more new Shonen Jump manga series on the way. Two on Ice is set to show up on September 25, 2023 in Japan. As with the other two series, we should see it on MangaPlus and Viz Media after it debuts in Japan. 

Kagurabachi chapter 1 is available now, and chapter two is set to appear on September 24, 2023. 

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