New Pokemon Remix Combines Two Anime Theme Songs

The official Pokemon Twitter account posted a new music video featuring a remix by artist NightTempo. Titled “Pokémon Mezase Catch ‘em All,” the remix combines the first Japanese and English Pokemon anime opening themes into a single song. It also features a music video that features scenes from the Pokemon anime’s first few seasons.

You can view the full music video below.

In the introduction on NightTempo’s website website, it referred to the artist as a “Retro culture Curator.” It also stated that the performer’s music is in the vein of the Japanese “City Pop” style and that they enjoy bringing 80s culture to the world with new music and remixes of existing tracks. You can stream more of NightTempo’s work beyond “Pokémon Mezase Catch ‘em All “ on Spotify.

“Gotta Catch Em’ All” was the first opening to appear in the English dub of the Pokemon anime. Sung by Jason Paige, the song features lyrics about friendship and catching Pokemon. Beyond its appearance in the anime, it was also featured in the 2019 Detective Pikachu movie.

“Mezase Pokémon Master” is the first opening to the original Japanese version of the Pokemon anime. Some elements from the English opening are derived from this song, including an animated sequence that plays during it.

You can view “Pokémon Mezase Catch ‘em All “ now on Youtube.

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