New Playable Fate/Grand Order Foreigner Will Be Wandjina

During Kyomafu 2023, Lasengle revealed the art for an upcoming Servant in Fate/Grand Order, Wandjina. She will be a 5-star Foreigner Servant available for a limited time. She will also be the main character of the Wandjina World Tour event, which will start on September 20, 2023.

In order to access the Wandjina World Tour event, players will first need to finish Fuyuki. However, the story for the event will contain spoilers for both Lostbelt 6 (Avalon le Fae) and Tunguska Sanctuary. Servants who will play a role in the Wandjina World Tour story (and thus receive an event bonus) include Kriemhild, Santa Altera, Voyager, and Rasputin.

Wandjina previously appeared in Fate/Grand Order as an NPC, so this will be her playable debut. However, with the announcement of her appearance in the gacha, some discussions have appeared online regarding her. In Australian Aboriginal mythology (specifically the Mowanjum Community), Wandjina are cloud and rain spirits. There are legal procedures artists have to go through to obtain the right to portray Wandjina, and it is unclear if Lasengle went through them to place Wandjina in the game. As a result, many social media users have come out to say that it is a cultural taboo to depict Wandjina without permission.

Some other users defend Lasengle’s decision to put Wandjina in the game. This is due to her being a representation of aboriginal groups in Australia, as well as the fact that copyright laws over Wandjina are only effective in Australia. Others pointed out that it’s possible Lasengle didn’t know about the taboo. This is due to a lack of Japanese resources about the Mowanjum Community. Yet others feel like Lasengle may reveal that this is not actually Wandjina but another Servant using her name. In that case, it’s possible that depicting her would be acceptable.

Fate/Grand Order is available on mobile devices. Wandjina will appear as a playable character in Fate/Grand Order from September 20, 2023, which will also be when her event starts.

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