New on Steam & Co.: Finally a breath of fresh air for a neglected genre

Forza Horizon and Need for Speed are getting big competition this week. What other games are released, we tell you as every Monday in the releases of the week.

At the moment it’s all about Starfield, this huge space sandbox where you can do almost anything. But you know what you can’t do in the new Bethesda RPG? Drive a car!

As every week, we show you the most exciting releases on Steam & Co. – and this time there’s finally exciting news in the area of racing games.

Highlight of the week: The Crew Motorfest

(Genre: Racing Game – Developer: Ubisoft Ivory Tower – Release September 14 (Ubisoft Connect))

Racing game fans are currently going through a dry spell. Forza Horizon 5, although grandiose, is already almost two years behind. The last Need for Speed called Unbound brought fresh ideas, but could only inspire for a short time.

Now Ubisoft is bringing back its open-world racing series with The Crew Motorfest . The gameplay takes place on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu. Here you take part in a festival that, similar to Forza Horizon, offers access to various events.

You have the choice of over 600 vehicles from more than 50 manufacturers – from classic vintage cars to futuristic high-tech bolides. Whether alone or in multiplayer mode, you can explore the open game world, participate in thrilling races and challenges, or simply admire the picturesque landscape of the island.

You can find out how good the whole thing will ultimately be in our test, which you can expect around the release on September 14, 2023.

More releases of the week

Monday, September 11

(Tavernacle): As a dwarf, you must defend your tavern from attacking hordes of monsters in this tower defense role-playing game.

Tuesday, September 12

(Eternights): In this mix of dating sim and role-playing game you live through a life during apocalypse. Date on Monday, clean a dungeon on Tuesday, and the world ends on Friday.

(Mythforce): The first-person roguelike, in which you traverse dungeons as a mage, rogue, and knight, is now coming to Steam after Epic exclusivity. The visuals want to remind you of 80s cartoons – watch the trailer and judge for yourself if that worked out:

Wednesday, September 13

(Gunbrella): Armed with a Gunbrella – a bulletproof umbrella that doubles as a firearm – you’ll uncover dark machinations in this sidescroller roguelike.

(Heretic’s Fork): A pretty wacky mix of action and strategy awaits here, as you are appointed the manager of Hell and must keep the hordes of the underworld at bay.

Thursday, September 14

(Deceit 2): In this horror among-us, you have to figure out which players are working for a demon and want to sacrifice the others in a ritual.

(Ak-Xolotl): An insane top-down shooter in which you play cute but deadly axolotls armed with … AKs. For us the most stupid trailer of gamescom 2023 – but funny:

Friday, September 15

(Wandering Sword): In this Chinese role-playing game, you become a martial artist who fights his way through a storyline that lasts around 20 hours. In the battles you can switch between real-time action and turn-based tactics, which is definitely a cool idea.

This week still looks a little lean – but I promise you: Next week it’s going to be a big one, because there are a lot of big games waiting for you. Was there something exciting for you this week? Then let us know in the comments!

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