Netflix Eric: What Happens to Gator and TJ?

Throughout the early parts of Netflix’s Eric, Gator seems like he might have played a role in the disappearance of Marlon Rochelle along with his employee TJ. As the story goes on, it’s revealed that Gator is true to his word and that TJ is acting alone. He ends up providing the surveillance tape that reveals Rochelle’s fate, but his and TJ’s fate after that is a bit ambiguous. However, we get enough clues that we can make some assumptions about what happens to both of them.

What happens to Gator and TJ at the end of Eric?

At the end of Eric, Gator is most likely in jail, and TJ has either skipped town or is dead. We don’t see either of them after the time skip, so their fate isn’t certain, but thanks to comments Gator made throughout the series, we can piece together a likely scenario.

In Episode 6 of Eric, Gator gives Ledroit the surveillance tape from the Lux along with TJ’s black book. He says that TJ skipped town, but his fate might have been much worse. Twice during the series, Gator promises to hurt or kill TJ if he’s involved in underage prostitution:

In episode 3, he says:

“If you f**k with me, I will go back inside for what I will do to you.”

When searching for the missing surveillance tape in episode 5, Gator tells TJ:

“Find me that tape, or you are f**king dead.”

Despite getting called out by Gator, TJ still waited for Raya to sell Edgar to him, so it’s highly unlikely he had a change of heart. So, Gator may have had to make good on his promise to get the tape containing evidence of Marlon Rochelle’s murder.

As for Gator, in Episode 6, he asks Ledroit how much time he’ll have before the police show up at the Lux. So, he knows that the club is going to get raided. More than likely, Gator was arrested during the investigation of Rochelle’s murder and is incarcerated by the time the series ends.

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