Mythforce review: Saturday morning skeletons and familiar roguelike comforts

The opening theme of Mythforce is a wonderfully observed 1980s positivity ballad in the style of Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors. This song believes in you, aggressively so. “MythForce! MythForce! Everyday people become heroes! / MythForce! MythForce! You and me, we can defeat evil!” The roguelike dungeon dallying that follows doesn’t take that “you can do it!” Saturday morning cartoon flavour to its comedic conclusion in the same way an Adult Swim animation might, or a Devolver game would. Instead the real focus seems to be function over flavour, resulting in a skeleton-battering jaunt that is competent and comfortable, yet never fully embracing the silliness promised by the sick guitar riffs of the theme.

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