Moana 2 Trailer: How Old Are Moana & Maui in the Sequel?

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The recently released Moana 2 trailer has been making waves, partly due to a visible shift in the looks of the leading characters. With suggestions of a time leap from the original movie’s timeline floating around, fans are wondering how old is Moana and how old is Maui in the sequel.

Here is a breakdown of the ages that the two principal characters will be sporting in the much-awaited Disney sequel.

How old is Moana in Moana 2?

Moana 2 will be seen taking a three-year time jump from the events of its predecessor, the description of the movie revealed. As a result, Moana will be aged 19 or 20 in the second film, having been around 16 years old during the 2016 original.

One of the standout aspects in the trailer for the upcoming sequel was the updated look of Moana. She is not only seen donning a darker red and white outfit in the preview but also flaunts fuller hair than before. The young explorer has also taken over the Motonui village, following in the footsteps of her father. From the looks of it, the sequel is set to portray Moana in a more mature light.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

How old is Maui in Moana 2?

In deep contrast to his traveling companion Moana, not much is known about the origins of Maui. His birth occurred centuries before the film’s timeline, and the kind-hearted entity is believed to be thousands of years old. Therefore, a jump of three years would be quite insignificant to Maui’s age in Moana 2. This is why he probably looks the same in the sequel as well.

The demigod was born to human parents, who ended up giving him away to the sea waves. As a result, Maui was rescued and ultimately raised by the gods who bestowed upon him superhuman abilities like shapeshifting and immortality.

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