Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 Trailer: Suho & Hong Ye-Ji Run Away Together 

Missing Crown Prince actors Suho and Hong Ye-Ji (Photo Credit: MBN)

MBN recently shared the Missing Crown Prince episode 7 trailer, featuring EXO’s Suho and Hong Ye-Ji. The K-drama revolves around the story of a crown prince and a potential crown princess.

In the previous episode, Crown Prince Lee Gon (Suho) escaped the prison with the help of his stepbrother, Grand Prince Do Sung (Kim Min-Kyu). While his enemies panicked, Lee Gon’s friend kidnapped Choi Myung-Yoon’s (Hong Ye-Ji) maid, believing that she was Sang-Rok’s daughter, to cross the town’s border. The episode ended with Lee Gon and Myung-Yoon’s encounter.

The Missing Crown Prince episode 7 trailer features Myung-Yoon helping Lee Gon escape the town. For context, both don’t know each other’s real identities.

Watch the trailer here:

Missing Crown Prince episode 7 trailer teases Suho & Hong Ye-Ji protecting each other

The Missing Crown Prince episode 7 trailer begins with someone narrating that the crown prince has escaped from their hiding place. In the next scene, Myung-Yoon (Hong Ye-Ji), her maid, and Lee Gon’s friend don different looks and hide the crown prince in a cart.

Myung-Yoon says, “I have a good idea of how to make it past the city gates.” Hence, four of them run away from Joseon. Meanwhile, Do Sung tells someone that he and Lee Gon (Suho) are enemies. Sang-Rok worries that if anyone spots the crown prince and Myung-Yoon together, then their plan will fail. 

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On the other hand, Myung-Yoon and Lee Gon grow closer and are still unaware of each other’s real names. At the palace, the officials have put a pause on making Do Sung the new Crown Prince and are also concerned about the missing royal seal. Moreover, Do Sung’s grandfather suggests fabricating the seal.

Meanwhile, Myung-Yoon gets hurt, and Lee Gon promises to protect her at all costs. Missing Crown Prince episode 7 will air on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 9.40 p.m. KST on MBN. The K-drama will also stream on Viki.

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