Lovely Runner Cast: Where To Follow Them on Instagram?

Lovely Runner actors Kim Hye-Yoon and Byeon Woo-Seok (Photo Credit: tvN)

Lovely Runner has become one of the most popular 2024 Viki K-dramas that ended on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Thanks to an engaging time-slip romance storyline, actors Byeon Woo-Seok and Kim Hye-Yoon’s fanbase continues to grow. 

Lovely Runner tells the story of Ryu Sun-Jae and Im Sol’s cruel fate. After the sudden death of her idol, Sol grieves while looking at his watch. The next thing she knows is that she has time-traveled back to her high school days, where she met Sun-Jae. Soon, Sol learns that she is Sun-Jae’s first love. Unfortunately, their love story ends with his death in every timeline. Finally, she decides to change her past and doesn’t meet him in the first place. Do they find their happy ending? Tune in to Viki to watch all the episodes.

Meanwhile, fans are swooning over their favorite actors from the K-drama. Let’s find out the Lovely Runner cast members’ Instagram handles to learn more about them.

Byeon Woo-Seok — @byeonwooseok

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Byeon Woo-Seok plays Ryu Sun-Jae in tvN’s Lovely Runner. He is an idol and a former swimmer who later becomes an actor. In the first timeline, high schooler Sun-Jae is in love with Im Sol and learns the truth about time travel in Sol’s third timeline. Despite Sol’s efforts, fate brings them together in every timeline. The latest series is Woo-Seok’s best work so far. Before that, his dramas had not turned out to be massive hits. The actor became famous for his villain role in 2023’s Strong Girl Nam-Soon.

Woo-Seok has also appeared in K-dramas like Moonshine, Record of Youth, Flower Crew, and Secret Crushes Season 3. One of his well-known movies is 20th Century Girl, opposite Kim You-Jung.

Kim Hye-Yoon — @hye_yoon1110

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Kim Hye-Yoon plays Im Sol in this tvN and Viki drama. She jumps timelines to save Sun-Jae and catch the kidnapper. Previously, Hye-Yoon appeared in a similar fantasy romance K-drama titled Extraordinary You (2019). Some of her well-known dramas include Snowdrop, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, and Supernatural. Hye-Yoon’s movie list consists of The Girl on a Bulldozer, Midnight, Our Summer Poem, and Ditto.

The actress has done several guest roles in highly-rated series, including True Beauty, Goblin, Record of Youth, and The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Song Geon-Hee — @songgeonhee

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Song Geon-Hee plays Kim Tae-Sung, the second lead role in Lovely Runner. He portrays a troublemaker’s character in the beginning but ends up becoming a police officer. Thanks to him, Sol and Sun-Jae get their happy ending. 

Actor Geon-Hee has appeared in several dramas, including Joseon Attorney, Alice the Final Weapon, Snowdrop, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Love Alarm, and My ID is Gangnam Beauty.

Lee Seung-Hyub — @sssn9_zzzn9

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Lee Seung-Hyub essays the role of Sun-Jae’s best friend, Baek In-Hyuk, in this tvN drama. In-Hyuk is the band member of a fictional boy band, Eclipse. Initially, Sun-Jae is the fourth member of the band, but the final timeline shows that the boy group has only three members. 

Actor Seung-Hyub has played many significant supporting roles in the past. Some of his dramas include Shooting Stars, Nevertheless, Must You Go?, and All-Boys High. Also known as J.Don, he is a popular rapper, singer, and member of the boy band N.Flying.

Heo Hyung-Kyu — @heo_hk

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Heo Hyung-Kyu plays the Lovely Runner villain Kim Young-Soo. He is a taxi driver who kidnaps and later hits Im Sol with his car. In every timeline, he appears as the bad person. 

The actor has previously appeared in several well-known dramas and movies. Some of them are My Happy Ending, A Violent Prosecutor, The Age of Shadows, Avengers Social Club, Chimera, and Anna.

Aside from the aforementioned cast members, the series also stars Seo Hye-Won and Song Ji-Ho. These Lovely Runner cast members’ Instagram handles are @s_wisdom_1 and @ziffffo, respectively. Meanwhile, watch the K-drama on Viki.

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