LoL: Mythics gone, junglers here!

League of Legends is one of those games that, by its very nature, is subject to constant change. Sometimes developer Riot Games makes good decisions, sometimes bad. Now a whole series of changes have been announced.

In terms of eSports, the final participants for the World Championship in Korea are currently being determined, while the game’s developers are already looking ahead to the upcoming season in 2024. For this one, as already three years ago, quite a lot will change.

More precisely, Riot has decided to reverse measures taken: the Mythic Items.

Check out @Riotbrightmoon and @Riotmeddler share updates on Ranked, our plans for Arena, the return of Nexus Blitz, and an update on bot AI. @Riotpupulasers talks about changes to Preseason and the removal of the Mythic Item System.

– League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) August 28, 2023

A well-intentioned attempt

In fact, as part of the redesign of the in-game shop that players visit to purchase champion items, a new type of classification has been implemented into the popular MOBA game. The so-called Mythic items were to serve as the anchor point of each build, of which the individual characters are allowed to carry a maximum of one. Although this created a new game dynamic, the players were and still are not fans of the mechanics.

there were still some great new items, including Galeforce ensuring that less mobile champions, especially AD Carries, now have another escape or chase option. Nevertheless, the US-based developer studio ultimately failed to live up to its own expectations. A large number of players felt that the supposedly best items were too static and not very usable, which is why they were bought less and less often.

Accordingly, there will once again be a major item change at the start of the 2024 Season, as a result of which the Mythic items will disappear from the scene. How Riot will deal with the resulting meta and built chaos remains to be seen. It is also still unclear whether some of the Mythic items will remain as normal items.

Jungle Vampire: Briar introduced

Who has already appeared on the scene, however, is the new Jungle Champion or Championess. She goes by the melodious name of Briar and was recently presented to the public with her own cinematic video

Are you friend or food?

– League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) August 30, 2023

This is a vampire of sorts, but unlike Vladimir, she is entirely absorbed in her role as Apex Predator. She attacks her enemies with stuns, causes bleed damage and hunts her chosen prey with the ultimate ability until it is finished off or she herself must die.

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