Leak: With World Editor, Minecraft could get its most powerful tool yet

A leak reveals that Minecraft is now set to get a World Editor that will put almost no limits on your creativity

As early as 2022, players discovered hints of an official toolbox in Minecraft’s game code. Now the hints of such modifications are hardening due to a gameplay leak of a world editor. In this article you can find out what the leak contains and how serious we consider it to be.

What exactly was leaked?

As (Insider Gaming) writes, the clues have been in Minecraft’s game code since at least 2020, even though they were only discovered late last year. The self-proclaimed industry insider (Roger Badgerman) has now leaked supposed gameplay of this tool again some time later:

Don’t worry creators! I have things for you as well…
Here’s a sneak-sneak peak at Bedrock’s work-in-progress editor mode pic.twitter.com/DIAzpEK24z

– Roger Badgerman (@RogerBadgerman) March 2, 2023

What does the world editor contain

According to the video, the world editor contains a convenient tool for erecting large constructions in a very short time. This would otherwise have to be done in painstaking detail work without mods. Furthermore, Insider Gaming reports that the world editor will probably only be developed for the PC. Consoles will therefore be left empty-handed for the time being.

How serious is the leak?

At the moment Roger Badgerman is not yet a well-known name in the leaker scene. However, since it was reported by the website Insider Gaming, owned by none other than industry insider Tom Henderson, it’s a leak to be taken seriously.

Do you think the world editor, as it looks in the gameplay, would be an asset to Minecraft players? What features would you like to see in an official world builder? Do you even need an official world builder if you have access to mods? Write it in the comments!

Tools are not the only convenient way to build constructions. Microsoft has let an artificial intelligence play Minecraft all by itself.

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