Lauren Spierer Update: What Happened to the Missing College Girl?

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An investigative journalist’s new book gives an update on what may have happened to Lauren Spierer, a missing college student. Spierer was a 20-year-old Indiana University student when she disappeared in the early hours of June 3, 2011, per People Magazine. The unsolved missing case previously aired in an episode of HLN’s Real Life Nightmare. Shawn Cohen’s book College Girl, Missing: The True Story of How a Young Woman Disappeared in Plain Sight further looks into it. The book consists of new testimony and Cohen’s first-hand account.

Spierer’s 2011 disappearance from Edgemont, New York, set off a widespread but unsuccessful search for her. She was out partying with friends and was heavily intoxicated on the night she went missing. Authorities traced Spierer’s last location to a friend’s apartment, but she left the place and disappeared shortly after. At the time, she was a sophomore fashion student at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Over the years, authorities have received about 3,500 tips, but there has been no update on Lauren Spierer’s missing case. However, a few key persons of interest have been identified in Spierer’s missing case, reported USA Today. These people are Mike Beth, Corey Rossman, and Jay Rosenbaum. Investigative journalist Shawn Cohen, who conducted several interviews, has also written about them in his book. Robert and Charlene Spierer had hired Cohen as a private investigator and cooperated with him for the book.

Lauren Spierer update: Is there a suspect in the missing case?

While there has been no direct update on Lauren Spierer’s missing case, Shawn Cohen talks about a few persons of interest. Authorities haven’t named a suspect in the decade-old case, but according to USA Today, the book fills in certain details that likely happened on the night of the disappearance.

Corey Rossman and Jay Rosenbaum, who Cohen believes were the last people to have seen Spierer that night, speak on the record. The journalist wrote in the book that what happened to Lauren Spierer that night “can only be told by the four young men who were there.” He claimed these men were Corey Rossman, Jay Rosenbaum, Mike Beth, and Bleznak, per People Magazine. 

Cohen wrote how Rossman alleged via his lawyer that “he suffered a memory lapse from the punch at Smallwood, and Bleznak was purportedly asleep.” His allegations left “Rosenbaum and Beth as the exclusive narrators” of the events from the night Spierer disappeared. Both their narratives had discrepancies despite their claim that they were only trying to help the intoxicated 20-year-old.

Shawn Cohen’s book updates readers about Jay Rosenbaum and Mike Beth’s claims regarding Lauren Spierer’s case. They couldn’t consistently answer “how Lauren got from Rossman’s townhouse two doors down to Rosenbaum’s.” Their claims also failed to answer “what Lauren did once she was inside” their townhouses.

Cohen wrote, “During her night out, she encountered dozens of witnesses.” Additionally, several security cameras spotted her, and she left behind key evidence. However, all traces disappeared when “she reached those townhomes, where she disappeared.” The journalist also questioned if she even made it out alive of Rosenbaum’s townhouse. 

In another update, investigators also considered Lauren Spierer’s boyfriend Wolff a person of interest. The book said that Wolff claimed “he was asleep by that time” after waiting for her call that night. However, as investigators “chased down countless leads,” the trail kept leading them back to “the boyfriend.” Cohen added that Wolff “was unaccounted for during her final hours.”

There are countless theories about what may have happened to Spierer on the night she went missing. Shawn Cohen’s book offers a detailed look into the updates he made while investigating the unsolved case. However, authorities haven’t officially named a suspect in the case.

Cohen’s book College Girl, Missing: The True Story of How a Young Woman Disappeared in Plain Sight released on May 28.

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