Latest Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Trailer Teases Sephiroth’s Story

Square Enix released a brand new trailer further teasing the story of young Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Players will learn more about Sephiroth’s unknown past during the events of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier in a brand new, original story.

The Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis trailer tells players that “we still don’t know Sephiroth” as the young hero turns away from the burning flames in the background. The trailer also shows off new scenes from the game detailing The First Soldier characters Glen, Matt, and Lucia’s journey to the island of Rhadore to survey locations to build Shinra’s Mako reactors. Glenn, Matt, and Lucia are P0 Soldiers who worked for Shinra 15 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII.

This game will also cover the events of FFVII, Crisis Core FFVII, and expand on never-before-seen story during these games.

You can see young Sephiroth below:

FFVII Ever Crisis just surpassed 1.5 million pre-registrations worldwide and to celebrate, Square Enix will be giving all players who pre-register a free gear voucher for one of the available costumes in the game.

FFVII Ever Crisis is a free-to-play game and is set to release on September 7, 2023 worldwide. It will be available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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