Kingdom Hearts Roxas Ring Hides Art of Him with Axel and Xion

Square Enix is working on new Kingdom Hearts jewelry. This latest one comes in two variants and hides a secret. Two Kingdom Hearts Roxas ring versions will appear in Japan on November 11, 2023, and each one also pays tribute to Axel and Xion via hidden art. The items will cost 24,200円 (~$172) each. The Square Enix worldwide storefront doesn’t offer listings for either one yet. However, it often also offers these kinds of items not long after the Japanese announcement.

Aside from the color variations, the two rings are identical. Both Kingdom Hearts rings feature a checkerboard design on the outside that is inspired by Roxas’ clothing. On the inside, a picture of Axel, Roxas, and Xion eating sea-salt ice cream as they did in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is engraved into the band. They are also each made of 925 sterling silver. You can get them in specific sizes ranging from 7-23. The difference is one is just silver, and the other features a black coating.

Here’s how the standard silver one looks:

And here’s how the alternative option will look:

It isn’t unusual for Kingdom Hearts jewelry based on specific characters to appear. For example, U-Treasure released a bracelet and necklace inspired by Roxas in the past. Square Enix also made necklaces based on Kairi’s keyblade in 2023.

The two versions of the Kingdom Hearts Roxas ring will appear in Japan on November 11, 2023.

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