Is Rekkles moving to Korea?

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson will apparently be playing League of Legends in Korea next year. The former Fnatic and G2 player is said to have reached an agreement with the newly crowned world champion T1

In the past Rekkles was one of the best-known League of Legends pros in Europe, but he was not to enjoy any major success after his departure from Fnatic in 2020. Although he was able to win the EU Masters with LFL representative Karmin Corp in the meantime, the Swede was a long way from an LEC title or even a world championship

The supporter, who was recently listed as inactive at Fnatic, is now said to have found a new team for the coming year, as reported by colleagues at According to the report, the 2018 World Championship runner-up has reached an agreement with World Champion T1. However, instead of replacing supporter Keria, Rekkles is set to join the Academy team.

Sources] Support Rekkles has reached a verbal agreement with T1 as he will play for the academy team in the LCK Challengers League.

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– LEC Wooloo (@LEC_Wooloo) November 20, 2023

A change novelty

Although no official information has yet been released, the timing would certainly fit. Just a few hours ago, T1 revealed that it had parted ways with a number of young players. The current roster consists exclusively of a mid laner, top laner and AD Carry. Accordingly, if Rekkles were to move to Korea, there would at least be a suitable position open for him. In the event of a transfer, the Swede would be the first non-Korean to compete for the prestigious eSports organization.

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