Is Manor Lords playable on Steam Deck? Answered

The highly-anticipated city builder and strategic simulator from Slavic Magic is up for us to enjoy. Will you be able to play Manor Lords on your Steam Deck without breaking a sweat or will you have to do some sort of arcane magic ritual to make it run? Let’s find out.

Can you play Manor Lords in your Steam Deck?

While the game is on Early Access and some mechanics and implementations are pending, and even if Manor Lords isn’t verified for the Steam Deck, the truth is that the game plays very decently on Valve’s portable console. However, to get it running, you will probably have to do some minor to major tweaks on your device for the game to be playable both on the performance and gameplay side.

Regarding the performance, all reports suggest that playing the game in Low graphical settings at a 1280×800 resolution – Steam Deck’s default resolution – will render a comfortable playing experience, even providing a steady 60 fps experience….

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