Huge deal: Disney invests 1.5 billion in Fortnite to create a (new gaming universe)

The entertainment giant becomes a shareholder in Epic Games to incorporate its best-known brands into Fortnite

Gealt von Riva, Eminem, Wonder Woman: the list of fictional characters and real-life celebrities who have already made an appearance in the battle royale shooter Fortnite is long. Popular characters from the Star Wars films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe can also be equipped as skins here.

However, we will be seeing a lot more of Disney’s brands in the coming years. The company is now announcing this with promising words.

A vast universe of games and entertainment

This is what Disney wants to create with its partner Epic Games. It will start with an investment of 1.5 billion dollars to acquire a stake in the developer of the Unreal Engine. But what exactly is planned for the collaboration? In the announcement Disney remains rather vague, describing the project as follows:

Not only will it be a world-class gaming experience and collaboration with Fortnite, the new persistent universe will offer many opportunities for consumers to play, watch, buy and interact with content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more.

Players and fans will be able to create their own stories and experiences, express their fandom in a unique Disney way, and share content with each other. All of this is powered by the Unreal Engine.

So the plans go well beyond additional Disney skins and events in the battle royale shooter. It sounds more like separate games are planned in Fortnite, which is growing into a hub. The developers recently released their own Lego, music and racing games as part of the Big Bang event.

And with the Unreal Editor, which was released in March 2023, players have been able to create their own games based on the Unreal Engine for some time. Star Wars assets are already available for this, for example, which fans have already used to build a multiplayer shooter with clones and Jedi

It doesn’t take much to imagine a possible future for the collaboration between Disney and Epic Games. But what exactly awaits us remains to be seen.

The collaboration between Epic Games and Disney goes back a long way. The Unreal Engine has already been used in games such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Epic’s game engine has also been used to edit films and create attractions in Disney parks.

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