How to unlock all Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen

Crucibles have hit Lords of the Fallen, and Mournstead beckons us, once again. To play these challenging boss runs, you’ll first need to unlock them, and simply beating bosses won’t be enough for all of them.

All Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen and how to unlock them

There are six Crucibles in which to test your might in Lords of the Fallen, lampbearer. And you’ll need to be both experienced and on your A-game to unlock and beat them. I’ll also be listing all the rewards, as the game doesn’t exactly say.

Crucible of Faith

To unlock the Crucible of Faith, you need to have beaten all the bosses that take part in this Crucible.

Here are all the bosses that’ll feature in the Crucible of Faith that you’ll have to defeat in a regular run first:

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal

The Congregator of Flesh

The Hushed Saint

Here are the rewards for beating the Crucible of Faith:

Each social currency x100 (300 total)


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