How to get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones

Gathering resources can feel like walking blindly into trouble. Don’t worry, though, we have sailed the seas for you to save up some time. Here is how to get Bronze Ingots in Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones: How to get Bronze Ingots If you are enjoying Skull and Bones and you are just starting to become infamous amongst your pirate community, then you know that upgrading your ship and equipment is a necessity due to the enemies you might encounter during your travels. Bronze Ingots are a very important resource for building stronger ships and equipment, and you can refine them at any Refinery. However, the trick is getting the material required for the job: Copper. Yes, if you didn’t know, Bronze is mainly made up of Copper, so you will have to get some Copper ore. Image: Ubisoft If you have followed the first steps in your Skull and Bones, then you probably already have a Pickaxe. If you want a new one, then you need to visit the Carpenter and exchange some To…

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