How to get and farm Dreamless Feather in Wuthering Waves

If you’re looking to upgrade skills for certain Resonators that require a Dreamless Feather, how can you get and farm this material in Wuthering Waves? We’ll review how you can get this material for yourself.

Wuthering Waves: How to get and farm Dreamless Feather

Characters like Rover (Havoc), Taoqi, and Danjin all require Dreamless Feathers to upgrade their Forte/skills. There’s only one problem, you can only get a Dreamless Feather in Wuthering Waves once you’ve beaten Chapter 1 Act 6 of the main story.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Dreamless Feathers drop from Statue of the Crownless: Heart, who is the final boss of Chapter 1 of the main campaign in Wuthering Waves. Head to the Norfall Barens which is at the northern point of Huanglong to fight Statue of the Crownless: Heart anytime you’d like. Keep in mind that you have a weekly limit of facing off against three bosses for Advanced Skill Materials, as shown in your Guidebook.

This boss is one …

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