How to complete Slap Battles The Hunt Badge in Roblox

Completing the Slap Battles The Hunt quest is rather difficult, considering the bugs and other players determined to slap you off the edge. You’ll need to be careful and quick to get this Badge. It’ll be well worth it for the cosmetics, however.

How to start the Slap Battles Hunt Quest

Unlike other games, there is no initial guidance for The Hunt Quest in Slap Battles. No pop-up and no NPC to talk to. At least, no obvious NPC. To start this quest, you need to locate The Hatch in the lobby. It’s only a few steps away from where you spawn in.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you go down The Hatch, you’ll see an NPC at the far end, The Hunter. Speak to him, and claim the top mission to complete, as this will earn you The Hunt Badge. This isn’t an easy quest, and you’ll need to earn one of the gloves first.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

He says that he buried something dear to him, but forgot under which “X” he buried it under. You…

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