How much does Valve pay for CS:GO skins and maps?

In CS:GO, community maps and skins are always officially adopted and implemented by Valve. Now there is info about the sums that the developer pays.

In the long history of CS:GO, there has always been a large and active scene of community modders who create skins and maps for the shooter. After all, Counter-Strike itself also originated from a mod.

For CS:GO, Valve has repeatedly taken the best creations and officially brought them into the game. Now there are reports about the sums that flow to the modders.

Tuscan and Anubis for 150,000 US dollars each

While it was common knowledge that the creators of maps and skins that make it into the game were paid by Valve, it was not known how much these sums were. Now, after an update, payment details for the CS:GO maps Anubis and Tuscan were found in the API for CS:GO.

The CS:GO item schema API includes internal things for whatever reason, which includes such bangers as:

One-time Payment for Map ‘de_anubis’ (USD $150,000.00)
One-time Payment for Map ‘de_tuscan’ (USD $150,000.00)

– Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw) March 8, 2023

From these, it appears that the creators sold their cards to Valve for a one-time payment of $150,000.

According to the API information found, the maps had been lent to Valve on a “rental basis” before their official permanent implementation in the game. There are entries for “daily payments” to the maps, which probably date from the time when the maps were only temporarily in the game at Operations.

How much do the creators of weapon skins get?


Maps are only a part of the community achievements that often find their way into the game. More often, they are weapon skins that Valve bundles as a lootbox and then adds to CS:GO.

Here, too, new details have emerged in the wake of the attention. In his stream, CS:GO skinguru “OhnePixel” asked skin creators about this.

The modders get an average of 400,000 US dollars for a skin that makes it into the game!

At first glance, the sum seems absurd. Especially in comparison to a map, which represents more effort and is also much more important for the gameplay than the cosmetic skins.

But from a purely economic point of view, the price is more than justified. After all, Valve is said to earn millions every month by selling keys for the CS:GO lootboxes. Several hundred thousand dollars is a bargain for the company. On top of that, Valve also earns money on every transaction in the community trade of skins on the Steam marketplace.

In the end, the high price for a skin is simply the result of a simple calculation.

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