Honkai: Star Rail Lynx Introduction Mentioned Encounters with Siblings

Ahead of the new Honkai: Star Rail Fu Xuan and Lynx Landau banner debuting on September 20, 2023, HoYoVerse shared some insights into the youngest Landau sibling. It went over some of “her” insight into encounters and experiences while out on the Snow Plains beyond Belobog. This also involved some spying from her brother and sister.

With the part discussing her family, HoYoVerse’s description noted that both Gepard and Serval are very protective of Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail. Lynx noted that she sometimes sees “lurking shadows while in the Snow Plains” that are the two of them. There was also commentary on her reveal from the two, with Gepard complaining her clothing isn’t warm enough and Serval saying her sister needs furnaces.

The introduction also mentioned a Lynx run-in with Sampo in Honkai: Star Rail. She noted that while she was on the Snow Plains, she happened upon one of his hideouts while following a snow radish rabbit. She mistook him for a “Blue Yeti,” rather than the fugitive her brother Gepard searches for during the game. 

Honkai: Star Rail is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Fu Xuan and Lynx banner will begin on September 20, 2023. After that, Lynx will be permanently available as a four-star Quantum character in the gacha.

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