Holostars Doppelganger Visual Novel Available Now

Hololive Production announced the release of the Holostars English visual novel Doppelganger. People can now download Windows and Mac versions of the game after making a purchase on the CCMC Corp itch.io webpage. The visual novel is available with a minimum price of $12.99, although buyers can add more funds if they want to support the game’s developers.

Doppelganger features alter egos of six Holostars English VTubers — Regis Altare, Axel Syrios, Gavis Bettel, Machina X Flayon, Banzoin Hakka, and Josuiji Shinri. The visual novel contains six routes leading to an ending with each character and a bonus seventh route that concludes with the true ending. The developers also added a warning that this title is intended for mature audiences due to the inclusion of violent themes.

A launch trailer for the Doppelganger visual novel has also appeared on the Holostars English YouTube channel:

Hololive Production initially revealed Doppelganger in late October 2023. There was no change in the minimum price from the first announcement to the full release. However, people who pre-ordered the game before release can receive additional bonuses. While CCMC Corp is also planning to release Doppelganger on Steam, the title has still yet to appear on the platform as of the first release on itch.io.

Doppelganger is now available in English on Windows and Mac PCs.

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