Hinamatsuri PlayStation Candy Mimics PS5, Street Fighter, Among Us

March 3rd is the day of the traditional Japanese “Hinamatsuri” celebration. Sony has commissioned special PlayStation Candy to celebrate the occasion, with a small PS5, a Street Fighter character, Among Us crew mate, and a FFXVI reference among them.

The company showed off the PlayStation Candy through its official Twitter account.

The sweet treats were made by the confectioner Ota@Chara Kashi, a workshop that specializes in confectionery renditions of various characters. The candy lineup includes characters based on crewmates from Among Us, a Moogle from the Final Fantasy series, an Elden Ring Pot Boy, and the faces of God of War‘s Kratos and Street Fighter‘s Chun-li. The line also includes a PS5 candy and a confectionery rendition of a DualSense controller.

Also known as the Doll Festival or Girls’ Day, Hinamatsuri is one of Japan’s seasonal Shinto festivals. March 3rd is an auspicious day of the Chinese calendar. It was initially held to celebrate the flowering period of peach trees. It also involves the display of traditional Hina dolls on a multi-tiered stand. The Hina dolls are usually gifted to young girls in childhood, or handed down as family heirlooms. Parties are held, and traditional dishes like Chirashi Sushi, strawberry daifuku, sakura mochi, and traditional sweets of a similar type to the PlayStation Candy.

The Sony-commissioned confections aren’t the only character goods produced by Ota@Chara Kashi. The workshop also created sweets shaped like characters from Jujutsu Kaisen, Roboco, even a Pokemon Rowlett.

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