Here’s List of Fire Emblem Engage Food Weapons from the Ancient Well

Now that the Fire Emblem Engage update added an Ancient Well, players have a chance of getting food weapons. These are pieces of equipment that look like various things you can eat, like desserts. They also can be consumed in battle to restore health, though you lose the item in the process. In total, eight types can be acquired from trading in used ones at the well.

All of the Fire Emblem Engage food weapons have a D-level proficiency requirement. This means practically anyone can use them, so long as they are capable of equipping the weapon. Note that if refined, they turn into standard iron weapons.

Biting Blade is a sword with 36 Ph Atk, 187 Hit, 20 Crit, 35 Spd, 85 Avo, 41 Ddg, 1 Rng.
Confectioknife is a dagger with 48 Ph Atk, 198 Hit, 21 Crit, 45 Spd, 102 Avo, 35 Ddg, 1-2 Rng.
Croissbow: is a bow with 36 Ph Atk, 172 Hit, 18 Crit, 33 Spd, 74 Avo, 26 Ddg, 2 Rng.
Lollichop is an axe with 35 Ph Atk, 138 Hit, 13 Crit, 28 Spd, 60 Avo, 19 Ddg, 1 Rng.
Scrollcake: is a fist weapon with 20 Ph Atk, 138 Hit, 10 Crit, 23 Spd, 54 Avo, 27 Ddg, 1 Rng.
Swirlance is a lance with 29 Ph Atk, 152 Hit, 14 Crit, 30 Spd, 69 Avo, 28 Ddg, and 1 Rng.
Tiramistorm is a tome with 43 Mag Atk, 158 Hit, 14 Crit, 31 Spd, 77 Avo, 40 Ddg, 1-2 Rng.
Treat is a 20-use staff with 33 Rec, 1 Rng.

Here’s a closer look at each one.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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