Harley Quinn Season 5 Officially Confirmed

Harley Quinn isn’t done smashing up Gotham City yet. Warner Bros has announced a fifth season of the show is now in production for Max.

Warners executive VP Peter Girardi is quoted as saying “Harley Quinn has raised the comedic crowbar with every new season. We’re excited to continue this partnership with Max and take our biggest swing yet for season 5.” Executive Producers Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey added, “We’re thrilled that the news of Harley and Ivy’s continuing misadventures is finally out and we can stop telling people in secret. We must have handed out at least three thousand NDAs by now. It was a big waste of paper.”

The more these announcements happen, the less surprising they get: it seemed like we had to pray to altars to get a Season 3, but at this point Harley Quinn is one of the biggest and most recognizable hits from an overpriced streaming service that doesn’t have many, and they’d have to be insane to let go of it. Of course with a real-life Joker in charge of WBD anything is possible even if it doesn’t follow logic…but still.


The most recent season of Harley Quinn saw its title character “reform” and join the Bat-Family to fight crime. It was an awkward fit for Harley to go cold-turkey good with no antihero tendencies allowed, something she eventually had to accept. Season 4 was divisive among some fans, who believed moves like killing Nightwing off-camera between episodes was too callous and cruel even for a series where life has always been cheap. That was before the show revealed in a closing scene they were finally going to involve Lazarus Pits in the plot. He’s not gone yet.

Currently the next thing from this universe will be Kite Man: Hell Yeah!, a spinoff series following the adventures of Gotham’s kite-themed weirdo as he opens a bar with galpal Golden Glider and a few other people. The released trailer implies characters from the main show will make cameos, including Harley herself. The series is expected to show up in early 2024.

But no one knows when Season 5 of Harley Quinn will get here. It depends on when they started making it. The wait between seasons 2 and 3 was extremely long because the show had entirely shut down, but Season 4 came rather quickly in comparison. Rumor has it production on this new season began months ago. Will it take two years? Will we get a Problematic Arbor Day Special to fill time? All will be revealed eventually.

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