Hands On: Super Mario RPG Is The Most Faithful Remake We’ve Ever Played

A legendary star.

Take a look at any Best Super NES RPG list and you’ll see a veritable bounty of genre favourites. Chrono Trigger. Final Fantasy VI. EarthBound. Terranigma. Dragon Quest V. The fact that Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars often finds itself on those lists is a real testament to its status as a classic.

In 2023, we’re getting the chance to relive the origins of Mario’s RPG adventures in Super Mario RPG, a Switch remake of the 1996 original, which saw Nintendo and Square team up to blend Mario’s colourful platforming charm with traditional turn-based RPG mechanics. And, after playing through the first three hours of this remake, we’ve been reminded of just why Super Mario RPG is often considered not only one of the best SNES RPGs but one of the best RPGs ever.

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