Hands On: LEGO 2K Drive Is A Wild Ride, But Will It Prove Too Much For Switch?

Building a new LEGOcy.

If you cast your mind back to February 2022, you might remember word of a brand new partnership between 2K and LEGO, with the potential for a number of brick-built sports games on the horizon. Those with a good memory (or those who have quickly googled it since reading the last sentence) might recall rumours of a Lego-themed racing game being in development from this newly-formed collaboration and all of the subsequent questions of what a game like this would even look like.

Well, after heading to a reveal event and getting our hands on the game, we can confirm the rumours and leaks — the title is LEGO 2K Drive, and the answer to what it would look like is ‘really rather good, actually’.

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