GTA 6 publisher CEO doubts AI generation tools will make games more profitable or cheaper

GTA 6 publisher Take-Two Interactive’s CEO Strauss Zelnick has been on the blower to the company’s investors about the idea of making games using the latest artificial intelligence content generation tools. Echoing his relatively guarded enthusiasm for NFTs a couple of years ago, he’s sort of mixed on them, regarding AI tools less as transformative technologies than simply the latest step towards the eternal industry objective of More, Faster And Better For Less.

Zelnick thinks automated learning and generation tools will make development more “efficient” and games, overall “better”, but in terms of Take-Two’s own bottom line, any gains will likely be offset by the fact that other big companies have access to the same tools, and by the fact that Take-Two will take advantage of said efficiencies by setting more ambitious goals. As such, he doesn’t think using generative AI will lead to lower prices for big commercial games. If you’re a developer that can’t afford to buy or license generative “AI” tools, Zelnick added, you can expect competition to become “more intense” in the coming years. Good stuff.

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