Goro Akechi Is on the Case in the Persona 5 Tactica DLC

Atlus shared a new Persona 5 Tactica DLC trailer showcasing Goro Akechi, the second coming of the detective prince. Akechi will be one of the three main playable characters in the Repaint Your Heart DLC.

During the main events of Persona 5, Akechi is a celebrity detective chasing after the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. However, at one point in the story he is driven to collaborate with them, which leads to him joining them under the codename of Crow.

Crow uses laser sabers and ray guns as his melee and ranged weapons. His Persona is Robin Hood, which specializes in Bless, Curse, and Almighty skills, as well as debuffing enemies.

You can take a better look at the new Persona 5 Tactica trailer introducing Goro Akechi in the Repaint Your Heart DLC here:

Atlus recently released a new Nyahoo! News video showing off some of the new unique gameplay mechanics and new characters that will appear in the P5T Repaint Your Heart DLC.

Persona 5 Tactica will come out for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC via Steam on November 17, 2023. Akechi will appear on the Repaint Your Heart DLC, which will also be available on release.

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