Godzilla Looks For Love In ‘Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim’, Coming To Switch Soon

For the love of God(zilla).

At the end of every classic Kaiju film, the titular plods back into the sea, safe in the knowledge that their foe is vanquished. They return to their underwater homes, pour themselves a coffee and watch their day’s highlights on TV. It’s not a bad day’s work; but they are alone, stuck in a cycle of people asking “where is the monster?” and never “how is the monster?” Without local bars, mutual friends, community events or even Tinder, the kaiju dating scene is a tough world. If only there was some way that we mortal humans could help…

We imagine that a thought process similar to this went through the minds of Squiddershins when it was deciding on the topic for its latest game. The product of that process is Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Sim, a game which encourages those tired of the dating race in the real world to imagine how tough it would be if they were 300 feet tall.

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