Get infinite SP in Persona 3 Reload with these accessories, skills, and items

Running out of SP while grinding in Tartarus is frustrating in Persona 3 Reload, but you can make things a whole lot easier with SP recovery accessories and certain Persona abilities. While it’s not as easy to recover SP as Persona 5, these items are still very much worth using. How to Get SP Accessories Where to Buy SP Items How to Get Spirit Drain How to Get SP Accessories in Persona 3 Reload While Persona 3 Reload doesn’t have SP Adhesive or any of the super useful accessories from Persona 5, there are still a handful of accessories that will let you passively recover SP every turn. Screenshot: PC Invasion The first SP recovery accessory you can get in Persona 3 Reload is the Felt Doll, obtained by completing a missing person request that becomes available on October 21. Once you reach the 21st of October, you can rescue Maiko Oohashi from floor 146 of Tartarus and receive the Felt Doll as a reward. The Felt Doll grants you Invigorate 1, which is …

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