Genshin Impact Mika Ascension Materials are Easy to Find

Due to how late his debut is in Genshin Impact, it’s fairly easy for older players to farm Ascension Materials for Mika. In fact, chances are very high that most players who have Mika also already have all of his stuff. Since Mika hails from Mondstadt, the majority of his Ascension Materials are from that region.

Here are the Ascension Materials you will need to use for Mika in Genshin Impact:

Ascension 1

1 Shivada Jade Sliver
3 Wolfhooks
3 Recruit’s Insignia
20,000 Mora

Ascension 2

3 Shivada Jade Fragments
10 Wolfhooks
15 Recruit’s Insignias
2 Pseudo-Stamens
40,000 Mora

Ascension 3

6 Shivada Jade Fragments
20 Wolfhooks
12 Sergeant’s Insignias
4 Pseudo-Stamens
60,000 Mora

Ascension 4

3 Shivada Jade Chunks
30 Wolfhooks
18 Sergeant’s Insignias
8 Pseudo-Stamens
80,000 Mora

Ascension 5

6 Shivada Jade Chunks
45 Wolfhooks
12 Lieutenant’s Insignias
12 Pseudo-Stamens
100,000 Mora

Ascension 6

6 Shivada Jade Gemstones
60 Wolfhooks
24 Lieutenant’s Insignias
20 Pseudo-Stamens
120,000 Mora

In total, if you plan on ascending Mika all the way, you will need 420,000 Mora, 46 Pseudo-Stamens, 168 Wolfhooks, 18 Recruit’s Insignias, 30 Sergeant’s Insignias, and 36 Lieutenant’s Insignias. You can get Wolfhooks around Wolvendom in Mondstadt, and Insignias are drops from Fatui enemies. The Pseudo-Stamens are the only Materials exclusively outside of Mondstadt. You can get them from the Setekh Wenut in the Sumeru desert.

As for his Talents, Mika takes Ballad. Ballad Talent Books are available from Forsaken Rift on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To fully max out a Talent, you will need:

1,652,500 Mora
6 Recruit’s Insignia
22 Sergeant’s Insignia
31 Lieutenant’s Insignia
3 Teachings of Ballad
21 Guides to Ballad
38 Philosophies of Ballad
6 Mirrors of Mushin
1 Crown of Insight

The Mirror of Mushin is a drop from the Shouki no Kami Weekly Boss. Though there is no need for Mika himself to be very strong, it’s best to Ascend him as much as possible so that you can upgrade his Elemental Skill. Mika’s ability to increase the party’s Attack Speed is essentially his bread and butter, so all you need to do is upgrade that.

Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. As a four-star, Mika will always be in the gacha.

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