Genshin Impact Caribert Archon Quest Offers More Questions than Answers

I feel like I’m still processing the Genshin Impact “Caribert” Archon Quest. These interludes with Dainsleif and be fascinating. While the other Archon Quests tied to certain regions and the Archons themselves tend to focus on more isolated, current events, each of these chapters appearing in between can be more tantalizing. We learn more about Khaenri’ah, the Traveler’s sibling, and the underlying issues plaguing Teyvat. However, while there are some hints at greater revelations in this short act, it’s almost unsatisfying given how much we still don’t know about people like Kaeya and Dainsleif or Khaenri’ah, and suddenly now there are more questions after its conclusion.

Editor’s Note: There will be Genshin Impact “Caribert” Archon Quest spoilers in the rest of this article.

Dainsleif and Kaeya meet, but it’s anticlimactic

There’s always been an air of mystery around Kaeya in Genshin Impact, mainly because we know he’s an orphan from Khaenri’ah. He was left on Mondstadt’s borders as a child, and Diluc’s father took him in to raise alongside his son. He has the same telltale eyes as Dainsleif and other characters from the region.

The things we know after this is that Kaeya may be a pureblooded person, due to his eyes having the same pupil’s as Dainsleif’s. We also know his last name is Alberich, the same as the Abyss Order founder Chlothar, making him his descendant.

However, after this chapter we also aren’t really sure if Kaeya was in Sumeru for the reasons he said, how aware he is of his background, and what connections to the Abyss Order he may possess. (He dodges any questions regarding it during the conversation.)

Chlothar is still full of mysteries.

During the course of the Genshin Impact Caribert Archon Quest we assist a man from Khaenri’ah named Eide, who turns out to be Chlothar Alberich. He’s a full-blooded man from the country. He’s trying to restore the sanity of his half-blooded son Caribert, whose mother was from Mondstadt. As he’s full-blooded, he has the curse of immortality and deterioration. However, as Caribert is half-blooded, he’s become a Hilichurl who forgot his sense of self.

We clearly see Chlothar become a zealot after interactions in the “temple” area. However, we don’t know how he founded the order. He certainly doesn’t seem sane enough to do so by the end of the chapter.

He also asserts that he knows who the Traveler’s sibling “is” after course of this story. But it cuts off before we also get to know?

There’s also the matter of him not revealing what happened to Caribert at the end of the quest. Also, we clearly dig up his body alongside a woman who might have been his wife in the garden, so how did someone cursed with immortality manage to die?

Speaking of that woman’s skeleton, did Chlothar kill his lover from Monstadt in order to make Caribert’s medicine? He doesn’t explicitly mention what happened to her. Also, Dainsleif mentions it is a woman’s skeleton, and not a female Hilichurl.

What do Hilichurls look like under the mask?

This is a big one and I’m personally mad we don’t know. At the culmination of this Genshin Impact Archon Quest, we learn Caribert did disobey his father and look in a mirror without his mask, seeing his Hilichurl true face. We see him start to look like he’s going to remove it, with ominous Abyss energy around him. However, the Traveler’s sibling passed out and awoke in Chlothar and Caribert’s Sumeru hut.

(Also, Chlothar couldn’t even use his hands well enough to make medicine at this point. How did the unconscious Traveler get there? Who carried them?)

Speaking of which…

What Happened to Caribert in Genshin Impact?

Dainsleif mentions being in Sumeru looking for the “Loom of Fate.” At the conclusion of the quest, Chlothar dubs Caribert the “Loom of Fate” after what he went through. However, we don’t know what that is!

We also don’t know what happened to Caribert. Chlothar dodges the questions about him. Did he live? Is it because he survived that Chlothar’s curse was eventually broken and he was able to die? Is he the one who eventually buried Chlothar?

Who was the voice inside that crystal wrapped in chains?

Near the end of the Caribert questline, the Traveler’s sibling and Chlothar come across a chain-wrapped crystal being worshipped by Hilichurls. Chlothar begins worshipping it, then gains some sort of power from it. What is it? Who is it?

When we encountered the “guard” outside the chamber, they said, “Hmm, do you insist on an audience?” This could suggest the voice belongs to a member of the royal family of Khaenri’ah in Genshin Impact.

The Traveler also heard it say, “O, dear creature, why do you bow down? For I am no god… I am but a ‘Sinner.’”

Is this the person responsible for Khaenri’ah defying the gods? Is it one of the Descenders who came to Teyvat?

Why is Dainsleif still keeping the Traveler in the dark?

Dainsleif is leaving a lot out! Some could be attributed to memory loss. He noted that due to the curse, he doesn’t exactly remember what happened when he and the Traveler’s sibling were in Sumeru. So him forgetting about how the sibling acted after the Chlothar encounter isn’t too suspect.

However, he said that he seemed to suspect who the “Sinner” was. But he doesn’t elaborate on it.

He also seemed to suggest that time and space isn’t an issue for members of the Abyss Order.

I also wonder if maybe he has suspicions about Kaeya that he’s still not saying, since he refused to voice an opinion.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices, and the “Caribert” Archon Quest is available as of the 3.5 update.

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