FRONT MISSION 2: Remake Blasts Onto Switch This Summer

It’s been more than a year since it was revealed, but FRONT MISSION 2: Remake will finally be hitting Nintendo Switch in the near future. Publisher Forever Entertainment has announced that the long-anticipated reimagining of the classic tactical RPG will be released on June 12, 2023.


Originally announced alongside news of a FRONT MISSION remake, FRONT MISSION 2: Remake will include many of the same improvements that its predecessor contained. Updates include improved load times, multiple language support, a new free camera option, modern in-game effects, and a rearranged soundtrack.

This news is exciting for mech and classic JRPG fans because FRONT MISSION 2 has never been released outside of Japan. While various entries from the series would wind up with English localizations and releases on different hardware, most of the games have remained as Japanese exclusives. If these remakes do well enough, they might just convince publisher Square Enix to greenlight more remakes to bring the entire series to a worldwide audience.

Until then, we’ll have these two titles to dig through. The reception to FRONT MISSION 1st wasn’t exactly glowing, but the game seemingly sold well enough. Here’s hoping that FRONT MISSION 2 can buck that trend and get everyone on board for some tactical mech action.

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