Football Manager 24: How to See Potential Ability

Virtual managers are always anticipating the emergence of the next big player in Football Manager 24. But if you’re looking to see exactly how a player can become, it’s a bit complicated. Here’s how to see a player’s potential ability in Football Manager 24.

How to See a Player’s Potential in Football Manager 24

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Player Potential is Purposefully Vague

In Football Manager 24, players are given star ratings to determine their current ability and potential ability. Like current ability, a player’s potential is measured by an amount of stars that run from 0.5 to 5. However, it should be noted that potential ability is a guess made by coaches and scouts. It’s not a guarantee that any player will become world-class over time. This is realistic, as highly touted prospects emerge in football every year, but very few of them ever reach that immense potential.

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