Fire Emblem: Three Houses Super Groupies Merchandise Returns

SuperGroupies is restocking some of the merchandise from its Fire Emblem: Three Houses collection. Watches and jackets with motifs of each of the houses are now available again at the store, the company announced on Twitter. Accordingly, each piece features subtle touches such as each house crest or representative embroidery. All restocked Fire Emblem merchandise is available for worldwide delivery.

This set of Fire Emblem: Three Houses merchandise features a series of watches based on each Officers Academy house with interchangeable bezels. This includes the Ashen Wolves house, available as in-game DLC. People can choose from Golden Deer, Blue Lion, Black Eagles, or Ashen Wolves designs. Each watch costs ¥25,080 ($184).

At the same time, the store restocked jackets representing the four houses. They are now available for ¥22,000 ($161). These have fine details such as the Golden Deer, Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or Ashen Wolves’ crests.

The SuperGroupies and Fire Emblem: Three Houses collection originally came about in 2020. During that time, the brand released wallets, shoes, and bags with designs inspired by the game’s main characters.

A wide variety of merchandise related to Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been recently released. For instance, in 2022 SuperGroupies also launched a line of bags with designs representative of the characters’ adult era looks. The Japanese tea company Lupicia also released themed tea sets featuring the tea blends seen in-game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the Ashen Wolves DLC are immediately available on Nintendo Switch.

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