Final Fantasy XIV Chips Are Back in Japan

After selling out in just a day, Japanese chip brand Koikeya is reselling its collaboration snack product with Final Fantasy XIV, the “Eorzea Popoto chips.” They are now being made to order and are available to purchase on the official website until September 17, 2023. Currently, they are only available in Japan.

The Final Fantasy XIV Potato Chips were so popular that there is now an order limit placed on how many fans can purchase at a time. Customers are limited to four per online order at this time. They are scheduled to ship out around the middle of October.

Koikeya announced that it made the decision to resell the Eorzea Popoto Chips on release day. The resale was announced on Koikeya’s official social media account.

You can view the original post below:

The Final Fantasy XIV Popoto Chips feature memorable characters from the original game enjoying the chips on its packaging. The featured characters include the Fat Chocobo, Loporrit, Namazu, Dust Bunny, and Tataru Taru. The chips are described as having a Crystal of Light rock-salt flavor. Also, these chips were made in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary.

The Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Popoto Chips by Koikeya are now being resold on the official website. They are currently only available in Japan. Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC.

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