Feature: Meet The Rayman Veterans’ Roguelike That Blends Animated Absurdism With The Office

Are you planning to Have A Nice Death?

The industry just loves games about death, doesn’t it? We’ve seen the grim reaper take up the scythe in multiple games, from the expletive and squeaky in Conker’s Bad Fur Day to the ‘travel agent’ Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. And now, Magic Design Studios is taking up the black cloak with Have A Nice Death, a roguelike all about corporate burnout and the cycle of death, all with an absurdist humour twist.

Boasting stunning hand-drawn visuals, Have a Nice death is stylish, silly, and stuff full of snappy combat. You’ll get to explore Death, Inc. as the CEO of the company, Death himself, as you try and get your employees into shape. Some employees are reaping too many souls, while others are overindulging. So Death needs to put his (skeletal) foot down and march through the ever-changing offices.

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