Every year the groundhog greets the groundhog – Modern Warfare 3 campaign plagued by bugs at Early Access launch

Bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps are part and parcel of Call of Duty, and the launch of Modern Warfare 3’s Early Access campaign is no exception

Just in time for the launch of Modern Warfare 3’s Early Access campaign, the first problems with the latest Call of Duty offshoot have also emerged. It has become a bitter tradition that not only are important game features released unfinished, but even access to the actual game is anything but stable

History repeats itself

You know those moments that you swear you’ve experienced before? And I don’t mean really experienced déjà vu or other sensory illusions. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now as I write this post.

If I were lazy, I could make it very easy for myself in this article and simply copy my own post from October 21, 2022, in which I wrote about exactly the same problem after the release of the Early Access campaign of Modern Warfare 2 and would only have to change the title from Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 3.

Bugs, login problems and graphics errors also plagued Activision’s shooter back then, foreshadowing what the coming weeks of the then latest Call of Duty offshoot would look like


We are investigating a service outage impacting multiple titles. During this time, Campaign Early Access, account ownership checks, and progression systems may be temporarily unavailable.

We will provide an update as soon as we are able. pic.twitter.com/oJOdAboPh8

– Call of Duty Updates (@CODUpdates) November 2, 2023

From login problems and account resets

In addition to difficulties starting the campaign at all, many players found that their progress was not saved after a short time, they had to complete missions they had already completed again and some even had their entire account reset.

YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect also tried to play the Modern Warfare 3 Early Access campaign and had to admit defeat in the meantime

Dr Disrespect shows the issues with Call of Duty HQ and how complicated it has become to just… play the game. pic.twitter.com/xZc07HpGNY

– ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) November 2, 2023

Although launch problems with a new Call of Duty seem to be as certain as the Amen in church, the developers fortunately solved the problem after some time and submitted a patch.

However, it remains to be seen what new bugs and errors await us in the coming days. We should be prepared for new problems by the full release on November 10 at the latest.

If the release of Modern Warfare 2 is anything to go by, it will remain a bumpy road over the next few weeks as we move towards the finished game


Services impacted by this outage are now recovering. Players should not observe a loss in Campaign completion progress. Challenges and other online progression systems are once again tracking, although it may take some time for the accurate Player Rank to appear. https://t.co/ruSG340gzV

– Call of Duty Updates (@CODUpdates) November 2, 2023

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