Elden Ring: A surprise after 500 hours of play

Elden Ring is a game of epic proportions. There are countless secrets and items to discover in the gigantic world of From Software’s Open World role-playing game &nbsp. It is not uncommon for even experienced players to make new discoveries after hundreds of hours of gameplay. This was the case for one particularly dedicated player who, after two years and 500 hours of play, found a weapon that was previously unknown to him: the Monk’s Flaming Sword.

The story of the player, known as ChiefLee22 on Reddit, shows impressivelyhow deep and complex the world of Elden Ring is. Despite his long gaming experience, he only now came across this rare item. According to the item description, the Monk’s Flaming Sword, a curved greatsword that requires both strength and dexterity and has the Whirling Slash ability, is a weapon of the Fire Monks who reside on the Giants’ Mountain Peak.

The rarity of the Monk’s Flaming Sword

Over 500 hours, 2 years and a bazillion playthroughs later, I’m seeing this brand new weapon…this game has never-ending content
byu/ChiefLeef22 inEldenring

ChiefLee22 shared his discovery on Reddit, triggering a wave of reactions. Many players shared their own experiences and stories about the rare sword. A player named Frenzied_Fire_Monk, for example, told how he was able to get hold of the sword after countless attempts and by a lucky coincidence. These stories illustrate how rare and coveted the Monk’s Flame sword is in the community.

ChiefLee22 discovered the sword while fighting a Blackfire Monk in the Tower of Caelid. After many unsuccessful attempts, in which he repeatedly defeated the monk, he finally gave up. Weeks later, after another playthrough of the game, he researched the wiki and learned that the weapon could actually be found in the game. His surprise was great when he found out the exact locations. The search for the Monk’s Flaming Sword eventually led ChiefLee22 to the tomb of the Heroic Giant Slayer on the Giants’ Mountain Peak. There you can find the only Fire Monk to drop the sword. Another player claimed in the comments that the drop rate for the sword is only around four percent. This makes the find all the more astonishing

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