Dungeons and Dragons: The first reviews sing the praises of the feature film

Honor Among Thieves could finally be a really good D&D film again. At least, if early viewers are to be believed.

The die is cast – and apparently Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves passes its charisma test with aplomb! The new feature film is doing pretty well with the first viewers. It”s about time for a really good D&D film!

The trailer gives you an idea of what to expect – an action thriller that relies on the iconic setting and tells its story with a lot of self-mockery and genre awareness:

This is what the first reviews say about the D&D cinema film

The upcoming feature film was screened at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas. We collect a few audience voices for you.

nikonamerica writes that she wants to reiterate that Honor Among Thieves is a great film. She wrote a detailed review in which she praises the acting of the prominent cast (Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant). It is an incredibly fun film for D&D connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

i don”t have to tell you again that dungeonsanddragonsmovie slaps, but i will-and this time, i”m gonna let my SXSW review for @TheWrap do the talking (another one!!): https://t.co/BW4cNbdrBX

– lex briscuso (▰˘◡˘▰) @ sxsw!!!! (@nikonamerica) March 12, 2023

AndrewJ626 also joins in the praises and would love to see more films like this right away.

”DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES” is better than you”re expecting. Laugh out loud hilarious, inspired action, and creative visuals from start to finish.

It”s not perfect but I would easily watch more of these. Never doubt Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley SXSW pic.twitter.com/burJBwSuz4

– Andrew J. Salazar @ SXSW (@AndrewJ626) March 11, 2023

Honor Among Thieves is better than you expect. Outlandish action that makes you laugh out loud and creative visuals from start to finish.

RafaelMotamayor also watched the film at SXSW 2023 and is thrilled with how expertly it captures the mood of a chaotic pen & paper round. According to him, Druid fans in particular will get their money”s worth:

dungeonsanddragonsmovie is a hoot and a riot! It captures the blissful chaos of gaming sessions with a great sense of humour, while using a relatively simple story to introduce a vast world full of possibilities. Also, Chris Pine sings I”m the movie and it is magical. SXSW2023

– Rafael “I”m tired” Motamayor (@RafaelMotamayor) March 11, 2023

What is the film about?

A motley crew of different D&D classes and races must band together to rescue a powerful relic from the wrong hands. To do so, they travel through the Forgotten Realms – classic pen & paper adventure material. The film deliberately plays with many fantasy tropes and D&D clichés.

When does Honor Among Thieves open? In Germany, the film will be released under the title Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. Theatrical release is 30 March 2023, the confirmed running time is 2 hours and 14 minutes.

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