Don’t Expect A Second Season Of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Perhaps you’re staring at this headline and thinking, “Why WOULD I expect a second season for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off? It’s an adaption of a book with a definitive ending, just like the movie. Isn’t it?” If this is you, you obviously haven’t watched Season 1 yet. Go watch it, and then come back and read this, and it will all make sense. Seriously, watch the show FIRST. Spoilers abound in this.

Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott’s world, and BenDavid Grabinski, showrunner for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone where they discussed where the anime came from, the development process and why it turned out the way it did. Toward the end, the interviewer brings up the possibility of a second season, which both men deny.

“It’s self-contained for now,” O’Malley said. “We loved what we did. We put it all in there. We don’t have any ideas lying on the floor. We pretty much put them all in. I never say never, but right now, it seems like it would take about 50 different miracles simultaneously for another season to happen. So we’ll see.”

“People are always complaining about how shows get canceled after one season,” he added. “So we hedged our bets immediately, and tried to make a self-contained one season.”

That being said, while the odds aren’t great, they are not zero either. “I don’t make any plans in general,” said Grabinski. “Maybe some day one of us will text each other an idea that’s really great for a season two. But for now, my entire brain and heart is in this thing, and just getting it out into the world.”

But hey, wait a minute — what about the mid-credits stinger that shows Gideon and Julie scheming some kind of future plan? Will we ever see it? The two confessed they don’t even know what that plan would be, and the scene was meant to be a parody of Marvel movie teasers.

But why get greedy? The eight episodes of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off we have are great on their own. You can see them all on Netflix — which you already know because you listened to me and watched them before reading this. Right?

….Really? ….I’m very disappointed in you, buddy.

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