Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch Kingfish

The Kingfish is a rare catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need the fish for various recipes, but it’s only available at particular times of day in a specific biome. If you’re here, you’re wondering where to find it. 

The Kingfish is described as a “mackerel found in warmer ocean waters” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which neglects to include some of the key information for locating the fish. Here’s what you need to know. 

Where to Catch Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To catch Kingfish, you’ll first need to unlock the Dazzle Beach biome for 1,000 Dreamlight. Once you have access to the biome, the Kingfish can be caught by fishing Blue ripples on the Dazzle Beach shoreline at night.

The in-game time for Disney Dreamlight Valley syncs with your local real-time or the timezone you have selected on your gaming device, so you’ll have to actually play in the evening and night to increase your odds of catching what you’re after. 

This marine animal sells for 450 Star Coins at any of Goofy’s stalls and will restore 800 Energy if consumed on its own. It’s good to consider bringing along a fishing companion to maximize your efforts, as well, because they will drop extra fish as you catch them. Why catch one at a time when you can catch two or three?

The Kingfish is currently used for one specific recipe: the Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steak. However, you can use the mackerel for various fish recipes such as Fish Pies and Fish Sandwiches. 

And that’s how to catch a Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.

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