Diablo 4 Rite of Passage Guide: What to Inscribe on the Wood Tablet

The Rite of Passage quest is essentially your introduction to the Diablo 4 storyline, which tells of the return of Lilith. Your character, a lone wanderer, reaches the wilderness of the Fractured Peaks, eventually stumbling upon the demoness’ machinations. Soon thereafter, you’ll arrive at the city of Kyovashad, where you’re asked to choose your sin and inscribe it on a wood tablet. But what should you choose?

How to Complete Rite of Passage in Diablo 4

In Rite of Passage, you find yourself in the wilderness near the hamlet of Nevesk. You learn from the villagers about a rambling man, and you enter a small dungeon to face a demon. Once you return, you’ll realize that the townsfolk have been corrupted by Lilith.

After picking up a key from one of their corpses, you’ll visit the church, as well as a hermit’s hut, to find out more about your character’s role in all this.

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From there, you’ll head to Kyovashad, the capital of the Fractured Peaks. Your NPC companion, Lorath Nahr, tells you a guard that you need to pass. However, you have to complete a ritual. This is the Rite of Passage quest step that will have you inscribe your sin on the Holy Cedar Tablet.

What Should You Inscribe on the Wood? 

Here are the options:

Nothing but scribbles

So what should you choose to inscribe on the wood tablet? Ultimately, your choice here won’t necessarily affect your campaign, at least at this stage we’ve seen in the open beta.

The guard will still let you pass, and you’ll earn XP for completing the Diablo 4 Rite of Passage quest. It’s possible Blizzard could make tweaks eventually, one where a particular demon will continue to stalk the player based on their ultimate sin. Until then, head over to our guides hub for more on the action RPG.

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