Destiny 2’s Superblack Shader is out now — Learn how to get it before it’s gone!

When Into the Light first launched, players were excited to start grinding for that sweet all-black armor shader Bungie showed off. Which is why it came as a surprise to players when they couldn’t unlock the shader the same week Into the Light dropped. But after 4 weeks, Destiny 2’s SuperBlack Shader is out now, so let’s learn how to get it before it’s gone.

How to unlock and keep SuperBlack Shader in Destiny 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The SuperBlack shader is one of many new additions to the Into the Light content wave for the week of April 29th, 2024 along with the highly anticipated Pantheon mode. At the back of the new hub area the Hall of Champions, you can see a symbiote-like material sitting behind an energy wall. And in order to unlock the SuperBlack shader in Destiny 2, you must acquire the Alpha and Omega SuperBlack keys.

Thankfully, both halves of the key are found in the Hall of Champions. You get the Alpha key from reaching rank 17 with L…

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