Deltarune Ralsei Nendoroid Comes with Cake

The first Deltarune Nendoroid is on the way, as a figure of Ralsei from the Toby Fox game will appear in 2023. It will show up in Japan first in October 2023. It will cost ¥8,900 there. The North American release is set for December 2023. The price in the US storefront will be $62.99. Among his accessories will be one of the cakes he “baked.”

This version of Ralsei only shows his dark side. There’s no option to swap heads and hands for his other appearance. He’ll come with three face plates. One features a neutral expression, he’s smiling widely in the second, and he is blushing in the third. There also seem to be two different pairs of glasses to help convey various expressions. His hat is removable. As for accessories, he can be posed holding a cake or a sparkle.

Here’s a closer look at the figure.

While Ralsei is the first Deltarune Nendoroid, there have been quite a few figures from the Toby Fox game Undertale so far. Sans and Papyrus showed up first. Those were followed by Undyne. The Human and Toriel are in development too.

The Deltarune Ralsei Nendoroid will come to Japan in October 2023 and North America in December 2023. Pre-orders close on April 27, 2023. Deltarune chapters 1-2 are available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. Chapters 3-5 are in development.

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