Cover Teases Hololive Blue Journey Music Project and ‘Summer is Coming’

On day two of Hololive Super Expo 2023, Cover announced it is preparing a Blue Journey music project and shared a teaser video noting “summer is coming” with the #HololiveSummer2023 hashtag. The former has its own YouTube channel and will debut in April 2023. The latter only has a summer 2023 release window and brief animation.

With the Hololive Blue Journey music project, there’s already a teaser video. It suggests there will be some darker, more melancholy songs from Vtubers on the way. It also shows off the logo for this offshoot will look and teases some of the songs we might hear. For example, at the very end are the phrases, “I’m alone,” “I wanted to be you,” and “to our past selves.”

The Hololive “summer is coming” teaser for a 2023 project is a bit more vague. However, the video does offer a hint aside from it being something associated with the season. There are three Vtubers shown. All of them belong to different branches of the company. First we see Tokino Sora, who is from the Japanese branch and is the company’s first ever Vtuber. After that, the camera pans out to show Moona Hoshinova, from Hololive ID, is sitting next to her. The segment comes to a close with the Hololive EN member Gawr Gura showing up. This means that it will involve every Hololive branch.

#ひろがるホロライブDAY2 Major Announcement ②

Summer is coming…#hololivesummer2023

— hololive Official (@hololive_En) March 19, 2023

As a reminder, there were three announcements on March 18, 2023, the first day of the convention. That involved the first Hololive EN concert in July 2023, a teaser for a HololiveCity project, and a note that the Hololive 5th Generation Twinkle 4 You Live will be held in HololiveCity in July 2023.

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