Code Geass Character Designer Takahiro Kimura Died

Takahiro Kimura, the character designer for Code Geass, died. He was 58 years old. News of this came out via the Code Geass Twitter account. The announcement stated that the entire staff and those involved with Code Geass hopes that he rests in peace.

Though the news came out on March 9, 2023, Kimura died on March 5, 2023. He died of an illness, and his family allowed the Twitter account to reveal the name of it. Specifically, he was sick with primary amyloidosis. This is a rare disease, and Japan considers it one that is difficult to treat. Amyloidosis is a disease in which amyloid builds up in the organs, which can cause them to malfunction. It usually targets ones like the heart, kidneys, and liver.

The announcement goes on to say that Kimura created many characters for illustrations and animations, as well as drew animated films that move the heart. The staff has nothing but gratitude for him. Aside from his work on Code Geass, Kimura was also the chief animation director of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He was both the character designer and the chief animation director for Dirty Flash Pair and The King of Brave GaoGaiGar as well.

At age 58, Takahiro Kimura died from primary amyloidosis. He was the character designer and animation director for the Code Geass anime.

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